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Monday, December 5, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

Jay and I are fortunate that when we want something, we typically just get it.  We don't really wait for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc.  It's the way I was brought up.  Even now, we don't really exchange gifts in my family.  We're all so fortunate and none of us "need" anything...so we use Christmas to spend time with each other and give thanks for all the Lord has blessed us with.  Instead of stressing out over finding the "perfect" gift that spends enough money so the receiver doesn't think we're cheap, but not so much money that we appear flamboyant, we stress over the perfect dressing to go with our meal.  Rather than stress out at shopping malls with the crowds on finding the right "thing" to give, we put stress on making sure we have enough love to give.  It probably sounds corny to an outsider, but to me, my family has the right idea!  No one expects anything of anyone else except a celebration of the birth of Christ, Christmas cheer and a LOT of laughs!

With all that said, Jay and I try to do something for our home together at Christmas.  A decision we make together to purchase something nice we can both enjoy together.  We do this instead of gifts for each other and it works out great!  Plus, because we use joint checking, it's hard to keep a surprise from the other.  Jay...if you're reading this, here's my short list!!!  :)

Pottery Barn Chenille Rug for under the table ~ $499.00
Honey, ours is GROSS!  Years of you living alone with it before me and my clean streak moved it have done a number on that nasty thing and I want it gone!  But, if you're in a little sticker shock over that for just a rug, how about...

This one I found on o.co for only $193?

Treble Clef Flatware ~ $79.00 (we would need two, of course...eight-piece setting and all)
Because you know Sissy needs flatware for her house and I'm getting tired of ours...I have LOVED this since we were registering for our wedding.  It's funky enough that it goes with our dishes, but not so funky it will be out of style in three months...  And we can give our current, gently-used flatware to her!  Win-win!!!

Babe? Are you reading this???  I love you...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Final Outfit...

This is the final post I will do on items I bought at the Belk Charity Sale.  I apologize for not linking the items in yesterday's post...if you really want to know how/where to get anything from yesterday's post, please email me or message me and I will get that to you...

In the meantime, here is the final post on my purchases.  I have a wedding to go to in the middle of December and while I think that is a BEAUTIFUL time to get married, it's a 4:00 wedding and that's a hard time/season to dress for.  Know what I mean??  It is too late in the day for pants to be appropriate and too early for a winter cocktail dress.  But alas, a dress I found at the sale is PERFECT!  Here are the details:

Suzi Chin for Maggy London Leopard Jersey Knit Dress (can't find a link for this AN-NY-WHERE); Black Tights; Black Bandolino Deva Wedges (these are two seasons old so you probably can't find them except with an internet search...); Silpada Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Necklace (item N2302); Silpada Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Earrings (item W2218).
The tie waist of this adorable, subtle leopard print dress really helps create the illusion of a smaller waist and the above-the-knee hemline keeps the eye going up.  LOVE IT!

On a side note, all of the Silpada jewelry I post can be purchased through my sister-in-law.  She is a Silpada rep and can do individual sales, even though Silpada is mainly an in-home party line.  Or, you can host a party with her (if you live in North Alabama) and earn free jewelry!  Contact me if you have interest in a direct purchase from her or an in-home party and I'll put you in touch!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Weekend Purchase & Feeling Beigey

I've still got a few weekend purchases to share with you!

 French Connection Gray Aztec Sweater Dress; Black leggings; Black Rampage Korrie Boots; Silver Chain Necklace (already had); Silpada Sterling Silver & Carved Resin Earrings (item W2217).
Again, accentuating the waist higher up where it is the smallest and then the flow of the fabric down helps mask any unpleasant lumps and bumps in the waist/hip/butt area.  Can you tell I'm all about dresses this season?  It's because they are the BEST at hiding any body imperfections you have and the right dress can flatter any body shape no matter weight gain/loss.
I am thinking about wearing this outfit for my Father-in-Law's 60th birthday party this weekend.  It should be mild enough to pull it off without a cardigan over it!

Here's an outfit I am actually wearing today and I am about to RAVE over a certain item in it following the photo...

Kim Rogers for Belk Tummy Control Pant; J.Crew Ruffled Tank (already had this); Ann Taylor Loft Jewel Pocket Cardigan (already had); Adrienne Vittadini Velma Flat; Silpada Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Earrings.
The item I love in this is the pants.  They have this amazing hidden elastic band on the inside (NOT old lady elastic waist pants) that keep you from having any type of bulge, muffin top or anything similar to that.  They are truly amazing pants and very flattering.  The downside is they are a tad on the short side and I will only be wearing them with flats.

Disclaimer:  So granted my posts are usually done the night before and set to post at a certain time the next day.  And if you're like me, your outfit choices could totally change based on the weather, mood, if I'm having a "fat" day, etc.  So this may or may not be what I'm actually wearing on Wednesday...but you get the drift for the future when I post outfits...

Disclaimer 2:  I promise this blog won't become completely about clothes.  I'll post my recipes I'm making, too!  And funny tidbits from our weekends!  And the adventures of Tank the dog!

Until next time...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

82 Days...

82 Days...  What's the significance of that number you ask? 

Could it be the number of days I've been pregnant? 
Ha!  Fooled you on that one!  No bun in the oven yet...
(Side Note - It seems EVERYONE I know it pregnant)

Could it be the number of days until I hit the dreaded 29 (last year before 30)?
No...although oddly enough, it is 81 days until that day...

Give up?

It's been that many days since my last blog post.  And for all two of you that used to read it, I'm sorry!

Won't say I'll do better...

I just promise that when I do post, it will (hopefully) be worth it!

Like today...
I have recently (OK, not recently, more like over the past six months) gained back some of weight that I had worked so hard to lose.  Not all of it, but some of it.  Life happened, I got lazy about counting and measuring, and it came right back on.

So I'm trying to get back to loosing for good and in the meantime, the Belk Charity Day Sale happened.  So I got my self up at 5:00 AM to get to Belk at 6:00 AM.  And I really scored big time!  I was looking for items of clothing that I can transition well with weight loss.  Things that could hide the pudge for now, but still look great as I lose, too.  I really think the styles and cuts I chose are going to be flattering no matter how my body changes. 

I'm going to share with you some outfit ideas for the upcoming colder months (although here in Alabama, colder is a relative term...) all based on items I scored at the big sale mixed with things I already have.

Vintage America Jeans (already had), Black J.Crew Tee (already had), Kensie Shaggy Fur Vest in Dark Pewter, Silver Link Necklace (already had), Silpada Silver Crescent Earrings (item W1539 - already had), Black Boots (already had).
The vest creates a great place to hide a little stomach pooch and the black and dark denim are slimming.  Pairing it all with a bold pair of earrings draws the eyes up toward the face more.

Black Cotton Dress (already had), oneworld Lace Trim Cardigan in Gray, Rampage Korrie Boot in Gray, Ann Taylor Loft Beaded Necklace (already had), Silpada Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Earrings (item W2218 - already had).
The black dress gives a slimming illusion while the blousy cardigan also hides any lumps or bumps.  The gray pop of accessories brightens the look to keep it from being dull while also keeping the eye from focusing on any one part of the body (like on areas where you may be more insecure...my area is the hip/thigh region).

Brown Print Dress (this is new...but I can't find a link for it anywhere), Ann Taylor Denim Jacket (am embarrassed to admit I have had this since 2001...but when you find a GREAT denim jacket, there is no need for another one...ever...), Bare Traps Jezebel Riding Boot in Brown, Silpada Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Earring (item W1525 - already had).
The empire waist of this dress accentuates the smallest part of the body while allowing the fabric to flow loosely over the areas where you may have some extra weight.  The denim jacket also gives coverage over areas that may not be your best feature.

There you have it!  Three of my main "go to" outfits this Fall & Winter that will hopefully mask my "bulges" until they are gone for good!

Any good clothing items you have found that transition well for you no matter what weight you are?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Derby Pie...mmm...

I'm going to let you in on a super-secret family recipe called Derby Pie.  Considering the recipe has been in Southern Living a dozen times, I guess it isn't REALLY super-secret.  But it's amazing and anyone who has tried it will tell you...It's. That. Good.

Does it fit with healthy eating?  No.  But if you don't stop every once in a while and let yourself indulge in something, then one day you'll fly off the handle and consume and entire gallon of Mayfield Moose Tracks, a bag of White Cheddar Popcorn, an entire container of cheese dip and half a loaf of french bread dipped in pesto.  And all that is way worse than just having your pie and enjoying it.  (Don't you love how I can justify just about anything?)

In the words of Teresa Guidice, here are the ingredientses (there's not like, a million of them) (if you don't watch Real Housewives of New Jersey you don't get that):
1 stick of butter or margarine, melted
2 eggs, beaten
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. flour
1 c. chopped pecans
1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips (I actually do half semi-sweet, half milk chocolate)
2 Tbsp. of bourbon (Maker's Mark is best).
     If you're too freaked out by a teeny tiny amount of liquor in your pie, substitute 1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 deep-dish 9" pie crust (Pillsbury is the best)

Melt the butter in the microwave and let it cool for a minute or two (so it doesn't cook the egg)
Cream butter, eggs, sugar, and flour with a mixer
Add vanilla bourbon and mix
Fold in pecans and chocolate chips
Pour into pie crust
Bake at 325 for 45 minutes to an hour (or until pie is set in the middle)
Allow to cool for about 20 minutes before serving
Serve warm with vanilla ice cream
Serves: one eight

Here's a photo:

That's not my photo.  We can't keep it around long enough to get a picture of it when we make it.  So if you're reading this and this is your picture...sorry.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." ~ Ferris Bueller

That's how I feel right now...life is moving at warp speed and I can't slow it down!  Don't get me wrong...I have always loved a fast-paced life.  I wouldn't know what to do if there wasn't always something going on.  But the month of July has been particularly crazy!

Writing this blog is my motivation to pick back up on my weight loss.  That and the fact that my mom has lost 20 pounds and looks AMAZING!!!  I had done such a fantastic job and I've put some weight back on with all our traveling and events going on.  No one to blame but myself here!  But I'm getting back on track this week...and the 2-week cravings have started already.  If I can get through the initial two weeks where cravings attack me, then I do GREAT going forward!  Wish me luck here, people!  Life is moving fast and I just hope my will-power can keep up!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Could Get Used to This...

I could totally get used to a 4-day work week.  I still managed to get all my work done, so where's the harm?  Guess I would miss that extra day of pay, though...

It's already July 8?  What??  Where has my summer gone???  We've only played 30 or 40 games of corn hole in the driveway this year.  What's our deal?  Oh yeah...100+ degree days/evenings/nights.  Perhaps we'll get more use out of them in the Fall when the temps dip down into the 80's.

We have a lot going on in the Webb family this month...

This weekend we have a (rescheduled) Tool & Gadget shower for Mr. & Mrs. Bennett.  Rescheduled because it was supposed to be April 30, but you know, when the whole top third of the state doesn't have power, you can't really have a wedding shower.  And since they got married June 18, they've had something to look forward to after the wedding high!!!  Can't wait to shower them with love and gifts!  And eat some yummy shrimp & grits, too!

The following weekend my mom, two aunts and myself are hosting a Bridesmaid Luncheon at my house for a dear family friend's daughter.  Get ready to drool over the menu...  homemade chicken & pecan salad with grapes, homemade pea salad, homemade pretzel salad, sweet potato biscuits (not homemade by us, but by a lady in Ft. Payne), and perhaps a grits bar...I'm trying to talk my mom into this one...and petit fours from Peggy Ann bakery - the big ones, of course!

The weekend after that is the aforementioned bride's wedding!  And I get to be in charge of setting up and decorating the entire bar area!  FUN!!!  And force Jay to awkwardly dance with me so mom can get an even more awkward photo of it.  I'll be sure to post that. 

The weekend after that we are hosting our Supper Club at our house.  Get ready to REALLY drool over this menu...Pineapple Swiss Cheeseburgers, Rosemary Roasted New Potatoes, Strawberry Spinach Salad, and Kentucky Derby Pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  And some homemade sangria!  YUM!

I'm planning on being better about taking photos so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My New Obsession...

I totally don't need to spend my money on this, but I can't help it!  I have a new obsession...the gel manicure!  What??  You haven't tried it???  Book an appointment at your nearest salon STAT! 

What it is:
A gel product that is applied to your bare nails as 1) a base coat, 2) two coats of color, 3) a super shiny top coat.  All the steps are cured under a UV light in between coats so it dries instantly.  You read that right...instantly!  So when you're digging in your purse to get your credit card to pay you get no smudges, no chips, nothing!  It really is amazing. 

The best part (at least for me and my super-thin flimsy nails) is it lasts up to 2 weeks.  Mine actually went 15 days before I had it re-done Friday.  We had a beach trip in there and we cleaned out the garage.  I got one tiny little chip from cleaning the garage, but honestly, at that point we were on day 14 and I knew they were getting fixed the next day.

The salon I went to had the brand Gelish (we had to match the OPI Cajun Shrimp on my toes as best as possible and honestly, you can't tell the difference...they are that close in color!).  But I have heard amazing things about OPI Axxium, which is also a gel product.  There is also Shellac, but from calling a few places, it is definitely the most expensive (about $35-$40).  Mine was only $27!

Not only does it stay on and stay hard as a rock and super shiny for 2 weeks, but it only took them about 30 minutes to do the whole thing (including a hand/arm massage!).  This is all because it cures instantly under the UV lights.

All-in-all, it's made this working girl very very happy!  And I will likely continue to have them done whenever we have things coming up...vacation, parties, holidays, anniversaries, baptisms, a Wednesday...you get the drift!

Here's a photo of mine on Day 15 (the day I got them done)!  Other than new nail growth, I can't complain!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

69 days: My Tornado Account

It's been 69 days since I've posted a blog entry.  How in the world could I let this happen to my 19 followers?  I'm not beating myself up too much over it...chances are you didn't miss me too much.  But I hope those chances are wrong!  :)  So this may be a tad longer of a blog post, but bear with me, people.  I want to get my account of the April 27th tornadoes written down...I don't want to remember it, but I also never want to forget it...

To me, one of the scariest natural disasters that can hit is a tornado.  With a hurricane, you have warning times of days.  With tornadoes, it's warning times of minutes if you even get that.  I will recount my story as quickly but as detailed as possible...

I was supposed to be in Tuscaloosa on April 27th for work.  I had mentioned to numerous people I had a bad feeling about the weather that day, but everyone basically told me to suck it up, that I had to go, etc.  So at 5:00 AM on Wednesday, April 27, I left my home, husband and dog behind and began driving the what should be 2 hour and 15 minute drive.  All the way down Highway 36 through Hartselle, I am petrified.  On the phone with Jay the whole time as I see the craziest lightening I have ever seen ahead of me and also feeling the strongest wind I have ever felt.  My car kept skidding sideways from the wind.  But I soldiered on.  I finally hit I-65 and start heading south and I can tell something just isn't right.  The wind is insane and sky looks dark dark gray and little green.  I'm on the phone with Jay asking him to watch the TV for me (our local stations cover the Cullman area) and am also listening to the radio.  Suddenly, my heart drops.  There is the warning.  The tornado is moving NE and will cross I-65 right about where I am shortly.  I didn't know if I needed to pull off under an overpass or drive to an exit.  When I saw a tree limb in the air in front of me spin around and come right back in my view, I knew I had to act fast.  So I pulled off at exit 310 and took shelter in a McDonald's.  I sat there on the phone with Jay until some gentlemen said it was past us and I had time to get to Tuscaloosa before the next round if I hurried.  That was the first of two that would ravage Cullman.  And so hurry I did...until I heard on the radio I-65 was blocked in both directions by multiple huge fallen trees.  We had to maneuver through muddy road shoulders to get past them.  But soldier on I did!  Here's a picture of I-65 right after it went through...

 There were about 20 of those I passed and had to go around until I got to about Jasper.

I finally get to Tuscaloosa at 9:30.  4.5 hours after I have left home.  The rest of the day goes by in the blur of training mixed in with periods of tornado warnings that we mostly ignored and tornado warnings I was getting on my phone for up in Huntsville, where Jay and my in-laws and family still were.  I tried my best to keep a close eye on all of that as well...  It was so helpless to feel like I had to worry about two places...not just one.

At around 4:45 (I think this is the time...honestly, time meant nothing at this point), my boss came down the stairs and said something along the lines of, "Guys, this is it.  It's real this time.  It's coming right for us and we all need to do our best to get in the closet."  FEAR.  Our office in Tuscaloosa is a 100+ year-old-home a mere blocks from Bryant-Denny Stadium where they were saying it was headed right for.  I remember being crammed into the closet with people I had only just met that day (we had several new employees in our Tuscaloosa office) and hearing my boss and another guy standing outside screaming, "there it is!  Oh my gosh, it's huge!  We're gonna take a direct hit" and yelling at some guy in the street to get inside.  Cramped in that closet, all I new to do was cry out to God as loud as I could.  And that's what I did.  I cried out my prayers...and I can remember exactly what I was saying..."God, we know you are bigger than this.  We know you are bigger than this and you can turn this.  God, please change the path of it...please change the path of it...please change the path of it..."  Likely 60 seconds passed, but it felt like minutes.  Someone said, "it should have hit us by now...it was that close."  So we all start piling out and looking around outside...lots of tree branches down, but no major damage as far as we could see down Bryant Drive.  little did we know, 3 blocks away on 15th street, this is what tore through there, taking precious lives...

What can only be considered a weather monster ripped through the town that my daddy was raised in, my parents got married and conceived me in, my family still lives in, and the place I called home for 4.5 years (and still get a shiver when I see the signs telling me I'm in the Tuscaloosa city limits).  15th street, what used to be like a friendly neighborhood street to me with 15th Street Diner, Smoothie Kind, Bama Bowl & Tan, McAlister's, etc...was demolished.  Wiped off the earth like someone took their arm and just cleared a table.  I found this out only after finally taking to my parents in Georgia, who were seeing the news of Tuscaloosa (it was national news by that point) and relaying the information to me.  I was stuck in a hotel with no power, my call rapidly dying, and Jay's and his family's cell phones dead from no power in Huntsville (an F-5 took out Browns Ferry nuclear plant, which is the host to all TVA lines, which is what Huntsville utilities uses).  I was scared.  I kept getting Madison County/Huntsville tornado warnings on my cell through our weather call we're signed up for and I couldn't really talk to Jay.  All I could do is pray and it is by the strength of God alone and NOT ME that I made it through those 26 hours I was in Tuscaloosa. 

As I drove out of Tuscaloosa via I-359 (no one was allowed down 15th street...and I knew emotionally I couldn't see it), this is just one of many pictures I have of what is left of the steel companies that used to line I-359:

I finally made it home at 3:30 on Thursday, April 28 under a gorgeous blue sky and mid 70's.  God's beauty after the storm.  I didn't cry 1 tear until I finally saw Jay and I just collapsed in his arms and cried.  Cried for what could have been, but wasn't; cried for the people of Tuscaloosa; cried for the people of North Alabama, who suffered even more tremendous damage; cried for all the precious lives that were lost; cried for the fact that I'M a lucky one...and I don't know why when that thing was headed right for us, and changed direction at the last minute.  In Huntsville, we were without power for 5 days.  And it was amazing to have to rely on the simple things...just spending time with family and playing corn hole.  I have some wonderful memories of those days that include cooking a thawing frozen pizza on a gas grill to eat...and heating up baked beans and creamed corn in pie plates on a grill! 

Here is a map of the tornadoes that were confirmed as of April 29th in Alabama.  Keep in mind, dozens more have been confirmed as touch downs since...

My final words are this:  people are saying, "how could God do this to us?"  God didn't DO this to us.  God isn't a puppeteer up there controlling everything.  He put this earth in motion and knew there would be cycles of cooler ocean air and warmer ocean air (what we're in right now - La Nina).  God doesn't DO bad things to us, but God does allow these things to happen.  If he didn't, how would we recognize the AMAZING spirit that lingers in each of us?  The spirit to talk to and help your neighbor that you normally just wave to every morning.  The spirit to help out the woman in line in front of you at a grocery store that's running on generators who doesn't have that extra $5 she needs to buy diapers for her 6-month-old.  The spirit to drop what you're doing and for the weeks following, volunteer time to clear debris for people you have never seen in your life.  The spirit to donate millions of dollars in basic items we forget people lost.  The spirit to encourage everyone.  And the spirit to let us never forget how blessed we really are...

God Bless each of you who reads this!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Have Been Warned...

This stuff is lethal.  I'm talking about Special K Chocolatey Delight.  The commercial says you can get your chocolate fix without undoing your whole day and they are right...to a degree.  I mean, one bowl of it is only 3 Points Plus (4 with 1/2 c. skim milk), which is great, wonderful, exciting, thrilling, etc.  But...I dare you to be able to only eat one bowl. 

Then get back to me and tell me you had to have two three even though you weren't hungry.  It's. That. Good. 

Try it...thank me tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yard Work = Major Activity Points!

Sorry it's been a week!  It seems I'm busy with life even when I don't feel that busy.

I was off work Friday for my WONDERFUL Mama, Sissy and Adopted Sissy to come to our home and help Jay and I work our little hineys off re-landscaping our front bed.  I wish I had taken a "before" picture, but, alas, I didn't.  You will have to be satisfied with the "after" photo...

It was an empty bed to begin with so this was some may-ja work (and work out - I got over 20 activity points!).  Here's what we have in there now:
• The bushes in the back are called Compacta Holly and they will eventually grow bigger (around 4 ft' tall and across) and will have to be shaped up each year, but they are a good, low-maintenance shrub other than that.

• The bright green plant in front of those are the only thing that remained in there that we planted last year and they are Nikko Hydrangea bushes, which means they can take partial sun, which this bed gets.  Most hydrangea bushes cannot take sun so make sure if your bed is in partial sun you get the Nikko variety.  Ours bloom purple/blue (I call it Periwinkle).

• The smaller green bushes in front of the Nikko Hydrangeas are good ole fashioned southern Gardenia bushes.  Can't wait for them to bloom in May and smell so good!

• The two tall, slim trees are Arbividae trees.  Pretty basic (they're an evergreen tree) and they won't get much taller than 4'-6'.

• The bush close to the porch steps is called a Cotoneaster and I love it because it is very organic looking (meaning it is very flowy, etc.).

• The flowers in the foreground are scattered throughout and they are perennials so they will come back each year.  The purple ones are Salvia and the pink ones are Columbine.

• The flowers just beside those are Pansies (the purple ones) and Gerbera Daisies (the hot pink ones).

We dug up about a million pounds of rock that was in that bed (HARD WORK) and I am planning on using those rocks as accent stones in the bed...just haven't placed them yet.

However, they were used Monday when TERRIBLE storms blew through the area for several hours that included strong winds (80+ MPH), hail, and rotation in the atmosphere (which produces tornadoes in most cases).  So...I rushed home from work and covered our new investments plants with anything I could find...this included buckets, coolers, wheelbarrows, and even our fire pit.  See here:

All in all, I would say all the hard work really paid off - we have a GREAT looking bed now and I earned LOTS of activity points which meant I enjoyed a delish margarita at Casa Blanca Saturday night!  Hey, I earned all 19 of those points.... :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Does Spring not just make you want to pick up every single cute pair of shoes you see?  It does that to me...but my husband wallet always reigns me in.  But I couldn't resist in MAJOR sale picking up these two cute little specimens (BTW - espadrilles are very in this year according to the mags I've been reading):

Jessica Simpson "Crepe" Wedge Espadrille in Gold
Originally - $79.00
I scored for - $35.00
It isn't exactly like this Lilly Pulitzer gold wedge I was in love with a few weeks ago, but it's also not $198 so I think it's a great trade!

Nine West Vintage America Collection "Jaxson" in Black
Originally - $79.00
I scored for - $59.25
I would normally never pay even that much for a shoe (Dilliards, Belk, etc. always have really great shoe sales), but this black must-have is going to be a staple in my Spring/Summer/Fall wardrobe I can already tell (Fall in Alabama is still in the 80's, people...don't judge).

I'll try to post pictures the first time I wear each!

I think this shoe thing is coming from no matter what you weigh, shoes look great on you!  I am continuing to follow the Points Plus system with Weight Watchers and am losing weight.  But it's not coming off where I want it to.  My hips and thighs are staying the same while everything else is losing.  Makes shopping for pants and shorts very frustrating so I haven't really done it much.  But shoes fit me no matter what!

What shoes are on your must-have list for this season??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Taste of Thai


So this whole only weighing in one time a month thing isn't going to go over real well for me.  I think I'm going to have to get back on track and weigh in every week.  Lifetime means you can weigh in up to once a week, but you only have to weigh in once a month.  Soooo...without a weigh in looming over my head, I cheat more often.  Like this weekend.  BAD!  And this morning with Chick-Fil-A.  But I hadn't had a chicken biscuit in I-don't-know-how-long and the urge took over and I had to have one.  And now it's done and I can move on without one again for another six months.

So this post includes a recipe and pictures (from the BB so the quality isn't perfect) for Thai Lettuce Wraps.  This is a GREAT option for dinner when you are low on points remaining for the day.  They are absolutely delicious and filling and healthy!  So without further adieu...

Thai Lettuce Wraps (1 serving)
1 chicken breast, grilled, sliced
5 romain lettuce leafs
1/3 c. shredded carrots
3 tsp. Thai peanut sauce (see photo for details)
3 tsp Thai sweet chili sauce (see photo for details)
Points Plus = 5

With warm weather upon us I will divulge to you my "sweet tooth" secret.  But I'm telling you, if you run out and buy them all up I will be very upset at you!  Purity Banana Pops are AMAZING, cool, sweet, refreshing and wait for it...1 Points Plus!

Coming up this week/weekend:
Chicken Pesto Bow-Tie Pasta
Cream Cheese Spaghetti

Happy Eating, Ya'll!!!

TANgorine Update!

Doing a quick update via the BlackBerry on my previous TANgorine post.  I learned the secret to self-tanning lotion and now, I LOVE it!  I highly recommend the Jergens Natural Glow now that I have discovered this one key secret:
You MUST moisturize with a good, high-quality lotion (I use Curel Ulta Healing) about 10 minutes before using the Natural Glow.  That's the trick!  That one simple step before-hand will ensure you have NO BLOTCHES, NO STREAKS, NO STRIPES!!!  I'll try to get a good pic up soon of my super cute tan legs!  :)
Happy Glowing, Readers (all 4 of you...)!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I don't really do product reviews, but I'm doing one now.  In the spirit of hitting Lifetime with Weight Watchers, I decided I needed to get tan(ner) for spring.  In the college days I used to be all about Fake-N-Bakein' it up at the tanning bed, but these days, I realize Amazonian tan for someone my age in March is just not a good look.  Really, overly dark just isn't very "in style" anymore.  I'm sure I'll go twice a week for a month or two in April and May to shake the white off some...but in the meantime, I had heard that Jergens had recently redone their Natural Glow tanning moisturizer and at only $7 with my Kroger Plus Card, I decided to give it a go.

My ankles are TANgorine, people.  Blotchy, blotchy, blotchy.  I was so careful about my application of it, where to concentrate and where not to, etc.  And it is orange.  I thought with all the technology out there now that they could perfect a sunless tanning lotion.  Not so much...  When you see this bottle in the stores, run away...

Guess when it comes to sunless tanning, it's Slim Pickings out there, ladies.  Slim Pickings...

Monday, March 14, 2011


So Saturday I finally accomplished six weigh-ins without going more than 2 pounds over my "goal" weight (I put goal in quotation marks because I still plan on losing 15 more pounds)!  So I got my Lifetime number and as long as I don't gain...I'm free for life with Weight Watchers (of course, I will continue to pay $12.95 a month for the awesome online tools!).  Congrats to me!!  :)

To celebrate (BTW - Weight Watchers always says to reward yourself with a non-food treat...which means spend money) we went to Home Depot and bought a grill and new patio furniture.  Before you go all Holy Guacamole on me, my Mom and Dad were going to contribute to a deck we were going to build as Jay and I's b'day gift, but when we abandoned the deck idea, a grill was the next best thing to get!  So Mom and Dad are reimbursing us for the grill...which is AWESOME!  Here it is:

You likey?  Go pick yourself up one at Home Depot...check out the details on it here.

Also, we got new patio furniture with a table to eat outside on.  We wanted wrought iron so it was classic and would always be in style.  Plus, we wanted the great bouncy chairs like my mom and dad have!  We have already spent several hours in them and we just got it all set up late Saturday afternoon!!  That whole spring forward thing really got us in the mood to enjoy our outdoor living space.  We added an umbrella and lights, and once the lights are all set up and looking great, I'll get a real picture!  What's that?  You want to see the patio furniture now?  OK.  Check it out here and also the picture below...

But ours don't have cushions at all... no way I'm putting those ugly red striped things from that picture on my chairs!!  We will go sans-cushions...don't like that look.

Busy little weekend for the Webbs!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We failed...at not eating in a restaurant the month of March.  But in our defense, we were in Arab (Arab, AL for those who don't live in our neck of the woods and think that's a funny name for a town in AL) Sunday after church for a funeral and just couldn't pass up spending some QT with Jay's precious Grandma and his parents.  So it doesn't really count...

Saturday I did make, as promised, Pineapple Swiss Cheeseburgers and as always...they turned out wonderful!  So wonderful we both gobbled them right up before I even remembered to take a picture.  But I promise one will come next time I make them (which will be soon since they are cheap and delish!).  Here's how to make our yummy dinner:

Pineapple Swiss Burgers (makes 4 servings):
1 lb. Laura's Lean ground beef
1/4 c. Low Sodium Dale's sauce
Seasoning to taste (we use the Cheeburger Cheeburger seasoning)
4 slices Sargento Reduced Fat Natural Swiss cheese
4 pineapple rings (we use Dole canned ever since I almost sliced my finger off on the plastic container the fresh pineapple from Kroger was in...don't ask...)
Condiments...ice burg lettuce, ketchup (gross), mustard (super gross), mayo (ew...) (side note:  I don't like condiments)
4 Healthy Life Lite wheat buns

In a mixing bowl, combine the meat, sauce and seasoning together and mix with your hands (yes, I gag every time I do this, but it's so worth it to not buy pre-made patties).
Grill until done to your preference (I'm a well done kind of girl...)
About 5 minutes before the burgers are done, add the pineapple and grill evenly on both sides and add the cheese to the burgers.
Dress your burger how you like!
6 WW Points Plus

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes (makes 4 servings):
4 medium red potatoes
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp Oregano
1 tsp Basil
1 Tbsp Rosemary
Ground sea salt and ground pepper to taste

Cup up your potatoes into cubes (mine are typically 1/4-1/2 inch)
In a large mixing bowl, combine the diced potatoes with the olive oil, oregano, basil, and rosemary.  Toss with your hands until everything is well coated.
Pour potatoes into a greased Pyrex dish and add salt and pepper.
Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
5 WW Points Plus

Champagne Vinaigrette Salad (makes 2 servings):
3 cups of lettuce (any kind will do...we've done with lots of types and they are all good)
6 strawberries, sliced
2 Tbsp sliced or slivered almonds
2 Tbsp Brianna's Champagne Vinaigrette dressing (this is tricky to find but I always find it at Fresh Market)

Mix it all up and serve!
3 WW Points Plus (I had this wrong previously!  It went down - yea!)

I know 16 points for a meal sounds like a lot...but I get 29 each day and 49 bonus to use during the week.  So this is great for a Saturday or Sunday dinner (which are usually my splurge days since I weigh in on Saturdays).  And considering the average dinner out in a restaurant is 30-40 points for one meal, this is a great alternative to save money, points, and have arguments over who is not doing it right a great time cooking with the hubby!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thou Shall Not Covet...

I know I am called not to covet earthly possessions.  I know this and yet I am doing it over these:

So...if anyone wants to just GIVE them to me...a size 7.5 should fit swimmingly!  Or, you know, you could just give me the $198 required to purchase them.  No?  Think about it...maybe you'll change your mind when you know I would wear them every day.  They would literally go with about 75% of my Spring, Summer, AND Fall wardrobe. 

I can't stop thinking about them since I first saw them about six months ago.  I never have and never will spend that much on a pair of shoes, so unless they go on sale, you will not see them gracing my tootsies.  Too bad we're like only Americans who AREN'T getting some fabulous tax refund.  Oh, no.  We OWE money.  Seriously...how does that happen??

Talk about a "Slim Picking"...as in, "Slim chance you'll ever see these in person..."

...collective sigh...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Don't Want to Lose Your Love...

...TONIIIIIIGHT!  Who doesn't love that song from the awesome band that was The Outfield?  I mean, every time I hear that intro and "Josie's on a vacation far away..." I think of Tuscaloosa, the lake, and just living that awesome, care-free college lifestyle with my bestie Lindsay Ann.  Amazing memories!!!

So I'm back in the blog world after a brief hiatus that was due to just an all-around busy lifestyle with the holidays and such.  But I'll be honest...not much has happened!  Unless you count being up 9 pounds from the week before Christmas in which case THAT happened.  But I'm back in the groove and going to make things right again.  It still amazes me how hard I work to get weight off and then how easy it is to put it back on. 

All that being said, I'm back with a renewed energy for this little fun thing I do.  Jay and I have decided we are not eating out in a restaurant for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH.  What??  Yup...we're doing a little experiment for two reasons:  1) to see how much weight the two of us lose together by not eating in one. single. restaurant.  2) to see how much money we save by not eating in one. single. restaurant.  For the entire month of March.  So I should have some GREAT Points Plus value meals to show you this month and be back in the swing of things big time!  What I will probably do is put 2-3 in each post so it's not an overload.  And hopefully I can throw some other fun things in there as well!

By the way...was home terribly sick Monday and watched Kitchen Boss (with Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss) on TLC and he made this Mozzarella en Carozza.  Wish they had a photo of it.  Looked amazing...and didn't help with motivation getting back on track this week!

First off on Monday I made Mexican Layered Chicken Lasagna.  It is an "official" Weight Watchers recipe and I found it by accident on the website.  Decided to try it.  In a word?  AMAZING!  The recipe makes 12 servings and each serving is only 7 Points Plus!  On the new system, I get 29 per day (plus 49 bonus per week) so 7 is good.  Paired with 15 Baked Scoops Tortilla Chips and it's a 10 Points Plus meal that is delicious and filling.  Here's the recipe:

14 small corn tortillas, cut in half
2 pounds of chicken breasts
2 cans of black beans, rinsed and drained
3 cups of fat free sour cream
2 cups of shredded, reduced fat Mexican cheese
8 oz canned chopped green chilis (I only used one 4 oz can because I'm not gung-ho about chilis)

Preheat the oven to 350 and coat a Pyrex dish with Pam.
Boil your chicken breasts until they are completely done and cut into bite size chunks
With 10 tortilla halves, cover the bottom of your Pyrex
In a large bowl, combine the chicken, beans, chilis, sour cream, and one cup of the cheese. 
Mix it up really good and divide it into three equal portions
Evenly spread one portion of the mixture over the tortillas
Top with 8 tortilla halves, another portion of the chicken mixture, then the remaining tortillas then the remaining mixture.  You get the point...it is layers and each layer should be even.
Top with the remaining cup of shredded cheese and bake for 30 minutes
Service with salsa for dipping

That's IT!  Can you believe how easy??  I'm all about easy and this has been great.  Plus, with 12 servings, we've been eating on it since Monday.

I actually didn't take a picture of it because I forgot, but here is the photo from the Weight Watchers site and honestly, it looks just like it:

If you try it, let me know how you like it!!

Okie-dokie, artichokie...that's all I have for now...but stay tuned this week and next for:
Greek Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basmati Rice & Asparagus
Pineapple Swiss Cheeseburgers with Rosemary Potatoes & Champagne Salad