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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back in the Habit

I'm getting back in the habit with a LOT of things. Not just posting more on our blog, because I say I will do that, but then if I don't, I just look like I'm bad at following through with the things I say I'm going to do. And honestly, I'm really good at following through... Here are my things (not necessarily in order of importance...just as I think of them!):

#1 - I Will Post on our Blog More
Yeah, yeah, you've heard this before. I really am. Because in the industry I am in (advertising), social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, etc.) are the new face of advertising for our clients and I have to get better at it.

#2 - Weight Watchers
I got into some great habits when I joined Weight Watchers at the large (for me) weight of 173.6 back in February of 2008. I had lots of success and managed to drop 20+ pounds for my wedding. My wedding dress was a size 8! Well 18 months later I have put that back on PLUS some. No excuses except being happily married and eating what my hubby ate. NOT GOOD for the 5'5" girl in her (ahem) "late" 20's. So I will not reveal the exact number I weighed in at my first WW meeting back on February 6, but let's say it was a tad over that original number. Now I have a healthy goal set (135) by a healthy date (August 23 - our two year wedding anniversary!). I have had my end-of-the-third-week weigh-in yet (that comes this Saturday), but as of last Saturday, I had already lost 5.6 pounds in only two weeks of trying. The system really does work when you use it. I'm getting back in this habit and already can tell a difference in clothes and my confidence! Hopefully I don't annoy you with lots of weight posts...I'll try not to.

#3 - Friends
It was so hard to move to Huntsville and realize the "forever" friends I thought I had in college are no longer near me. I met Jarren, fell in love, and got married and now his friends are my friends here. But it still does not fill that giant void I have for a friend who is nearby who I feel I can honestly open my heart to them and tell them everything and not be judged for it. I have that friend in my best friend, Lindsay Ann, but she lives 1,200+ miles away in New York City as a fabulous designer for the Brooks Brothers women's line! She's seriously so talented... But I miss her. I miss not being able to see her on weekends like when she lived in Birmingham. And it hurts the most now that I feel a particular friend has hurt me deeply even though I've always tried to have the best intentions. Deeply doesn't even graze the surface but I'll leave it at that. So my next habit I'm working on is to nurture the friends I care about the most so they always know how much I love them and care for them.

#4 - the B-I-B-L-E
Yes, that's the book for me! So Jarren and I have developed a wonderful habit in we joined a church two years ago and we attend regularly and faithfully because we WANT to. Not because we feel we have to. We genuinely look forward to attending services at Trinity UMC and have honored our love for the church with our weekly donations of money. But I want it to go beyond just the check I write. I want to find a Bible Study home there whether it for women or young couples. I want to get back into my Bible and back into studying it and really seeing what God's purpose for our lives is. I'm going through such a tough time right now in terms of my own mental well-being due to friends and feeling I cannot trust some. I know there are answers in the Bible for me and I plan to whole-heartedly dig deep to find a way to let my Christian light shine more and more!

Come to think of it...I think I put these in descending order! #4 is definitely my top priority! Funny how that works out... : )

Love to all to who read this,