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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Down 2.6...up .6 Ready? Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up...

Ever since I changed the name of the blog, I don't think people can find me so I didn't realize I still had any readers left until my friend Teri asked me where my posts were.  Oops!  I get followers on Twitter, but not so many on the blog.
So when I weighed in after the weekend at the beach for the wedding, as you all know, I was up .8 mainly due to the enormous amount of Bushwhackers I drank while down there.  But then the week after, I was down 2.6 and was ecstatic!!!  I was slammed at work that week following and by the time I was done each evening, I was too tired to stay late to write a blog entry.  You would think I would be thrilled and want to write about that.  But alas, you would be wrong. 
So this past weekend when I weighed I was up .6 and was so upset over that.  I mean, what did I do wrong?  I didn't go over my points...what was the problem?  Ah, yes, my monthly friend who causes so much bloating was about to visit.  Should have known...
So on the eve of the eve of my next weigh in I will resort to an old favorite...chicken and vegetables for dinner.  More specifically?  Lemon pepper chicken and grilled asparagus.  4 points total.

I go into the pre-weigh-in stretch remembering the motto...
Eat to live...don't live to eat!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fan Friday

So I've never actually done a Fan Friday post, but I plan on doing one today because I can't let any of you go one more second without knowing about this gum.  It has literally saved my big butt on more than one occasion this week when I wanted to stuff my face.  My BFF Lindsay Ann introduced me to it while we were in Orange Beach two weekends ago and - WOW!  Any of you who eat simply because it tastes good or you're bored...go out and buy several packs of this gum right this second.  It is called Fruit Sensations by Extra and I found mine in the candy/gum aisle of my neighborhood Kroger and bought two 3-packs.  One was the oh-so-yummy Sweet Watermelon flavor.  The other pack is what I can only call a party in the mouth - Strawberry Banana and yes, it's that good.  The best part about this gum is that not only is it sugar free and less than 5 calories a stick, the flavor lasts twice as long as other sugar free gum, which is crucial if you're watching what you eat.  I was serious when I said you can't go another minute without this gum.  Here's a picture of the Strawberry Banana package...just in case!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looong Overdue

I've neglected you all and I'm so sorry!  Since we got back from the beach late the night of May 3 (I know, I know, 8 days ago...) I have been running like a crazy lady it seems!

We got back late the night of the 3rd and then I had a full schedule of work the rest of the week.  Add to that trying to get the house back in shape from the "great laundry explosion of 2010" following the trip and there you have it...

So the news...I weighed in Saturday (May 8th) and was up .8 pounds.  I still have not managed to convince myself that that is not that bad considering at the beach, I think I consumed my weight in Bushwhackers.  For those of you who don't vacation in the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area, it is a drink made from...wait for it...Vodka, rum, creme de cacao (basically, a really thick chocolate syrup), coconut milk, half and half, and vanilla ice cream.  Yeah, those last two ingredients did me in I think!  But they are oh-so-yummy and every sip tasted like dessert in a glass!  I'm back on track this week with hopes of pulling myself out of the slump.  16.8 pounds shed from my body is still great!

Here is a picture right before the Rad 80's Birthday party we went to this past weekend for our friend Thomas Brandon's 30th Birthday.  I think we look pretty great!

How about that blue eye shadow and ice pink lipstick?  Yeah!

And a sweet picture of Jay and I from Mother's Day at my Aunt Sheila & Uncle Johnny's house. 

My great grandmother was there and bless her heart, she may not have a clue who any of us are, but she's a trooper.  She'll be 100 in October so look for her on the Today Show - I'm sending in her picture!

Lastly, this is also from Mother's Day of my (biological) sister on the right (Sarah) and my (not-so-biological) sister on the left (Dani) who lives/lived with my parents for a while this year.

Finally, I want to leave with you and AWESOME low points dinner!  After the bad I did the weekend of the beach trip and the week following, I need some low points meals!

2 oz grilled chicken breast - 2 Points
Romain lettuce leaves - 0 Points
Shredded carrots - 0 Points
2 Tbsp (total) of Thai Kitchen Sweet Chili Sauce (you can buy this in the Asian food aisle of any grocery store) - 1 Point
TOTAL = 3 Points (for all 3 of those wraps!)  It's actually very filling and I love the spicy kick!

Until next time...
Eat to live...don't live to eat!