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Friday, July 24, 2009

You want food? We got food...

Before I start, please see a few of my favorites from our recent trip to the beach (Navarre) with Jarren's parents and Haley & Devin. It was so relaxing-we never really had any plans. We just went! Weather was great and the food was even better. You just can't beat a shrimp boil one night, crab claws the next, crab cakes for lunch and grouper the next day...anyway, here are the pictures!About to go out to eat for dinner one night.
Just goofing off!

We're having our good friends Teri & Thomas Brandon over for dinner tomorrow night and I'm pumped about cooking a nice meal for someone else besides just J & I! Those who know me know I actually really really really like cooking. I'll include recipes and pictures in my next blog post...)although at the rate I'm going who knows how long that will be). Just to make you salivate, we're having:
Cajun red potatoes
Greek salad (that Teri's making)

Then, we're all going to hear Ugli Stick at The Sports Page! Fun times...ADPi Christmas Cocktail 2004 anyone?? : )

Friday, July 10, 2009


I joined LinkedIn today and I want all of you who read this to do the same! Just click here and get started. It's like a professional Facebook. At work, we're learning all about social media and how Twitter and blogging is the new thing. And since Jarren NEVER writes on the blog, I'm thinking about letting this take a more professional twist...and plug TotalCom while I'm at it! So hopefully ever so often I will be posting a tidbit of something interesting I've learned from the world of advertising. Some will be funny (as we do tend to have a blast working on things here at the Ward Ave. house!) and some will be serious. Short blog post today... Go join LinkedIn and invite me in your network! Please!!!