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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update on Jarren

So I realize I have not updated this blog since April and that means I'm a VERY bad blogger. But we've been so busy! We've had several showers for friends getting married and visits with family, etc. But then I also realized that I need to update on Jarren.
Last Tuesday night, we were up all night with him violently ill. He kept saying his stomach hurt and he was violently throwing up and alternating between hot and cold. We went to the doctor as soon as they opening thinking it was probably food poisoning or something because he ate at nasty Bandito Burrito Tuesday night while I was at Bunco.
Turns out, doctor was afraid it was appendicitis and sent us to the ER via ambulance. THAT was an experience and probably cheap, too.
We get to the ER at Huntsville Hospital and of course had to wait WAY longer for everything - to see the doctor, to get the CT scan, etc. Well, turns out it WAS appendicitis so Wednesday afternoon at about 4:45, Jarren went in for surgery to remove it. He's doing great now and we went home before 8:00 am the next morning. They didn't even have to use stitches! They were able to do it minimally-invasive so he's just been really sore. Friday was a slightly rough day for both of us (him because he was irritable and sore and me because...well...he was irritable and sore). Saturday he over-did it a little which made Sunday a sore day. But he went back to work yesterday (Monday) and seems to be doing great! We go back to the doctor Friday to get the little butterfly tape removed and hopefully get the all clear to get back to normal. I miss snuggling up to him in the bed!!!
So that's the update with J. Praise God everything went smoothly and he's almost back to normal!