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Friday, June 26, 2009

ATL, here we come! And a rambling thought to Alabama Power...

No, we're not moving to Atlanta (much to my mother's dismay)! We're headed there today to visit the 'rents as soon as that 5-o-clock whistle blows for the day. We're actually going to help her distress her white kitchen cabinets. They need such an update and this will really warm them up. I can't wait to post before and after pictures for her to see. Should be good fun!

I really don't have much blogging to do today, I just realized I need to keep up better with it. Which seems to be a recurring theme to all my blog posts. I'm really trying to keep a handle on it all because the social media world is taking the advertising world by storm - literally. It's HUGE. You're not anyone if you aren't posting your ads to Facebook and YouTube and updating with a blog and Twitter. It's confusing just to keep up with the world we're in with all these things coming at you. To quote a line from the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" (which is a terrible movie, btw), "...and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It's exhausting." I couldn't agree with her more. Sometimes even my own husband rejects me with that fabulous technology known as the cell phone by not answering my phone calls about 68.4% of the time.

So all this reliance on technology got me thinking on how reliant we are on it. For example: last Friday night, Jarren and I decided to go see the new movie The Hangover (HILARIOUS, btw. Even if they do show most of the funny parts in the previews). Anyway, it's a 7:30 movie and we have to get there early for me to see the previews (in my humble opinion - the BEST part of any movie). So we're sitting in the theater at 7:15 when the screen goes black and the emergency lights come on. Seems a transformer has blown due to the overactivity of air conditioners considering the sweltering heat wave that has crossed Alabama the past 2 weeks or so. And my thought is, we live in Alabama. Of course it's hot in the summer. 100 degree + days in the middle of June aren't completely uncommon. It's 2009. Do we not have the ability to recover from people just trying to stay comfortable? Apparently not because it took over 4 hours to restore power to a large chunk of the county. We finally got into our house at 11:30 that night. You read that right - 11:30 to get into our house. Why you ask? Because we are so reliant on power and technology that when the power went out, our only entry into our house currently (the garage door opener), wouldn't work. We tried for 30 minutes to break in and didn't succeed. Which makes me feel good that we couldn't even break into our own home... And you know what we learned from all of this? Nothing. Because we still rely on that power to fuel our lives. Moral of my rambling? I don't understand all these left-wing nut jobs rambling on about renewable energy and save the planet and global warming (which I don't believe in, btw. Argue with me all you want on this point, I do not believe in man-made global warming) when we can't even get power restored to a major Alabama city in a timely fashion when the only reason for the power outage in the first place is people running air conditioners a little cooler. It's summer in the South in Alabama (as I've stated). It gets hot here every year, just as it has for decades. Be prepared for this, Alabama Power.

Thank you.