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Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy Day Friday...

Well, it's s nasty, rainy Friday afternoon. And I'm a terrible blogger. I don't ever remember to do an update. Here's what's going on in our lives right now:
1. Jarren has to work late for basketball season ONE MORE NIGHT (tonight) and I am so thrilled to finally be getting my husband back! Seriously, I leave for work at 7:30 (he doesn't get up until then) and then I get home at 5:30 usually, but he isn't home until 9:30 and I go to bed at 10:00 (anyone who knows me knows I have to have at least 8 hours of sleep per night to function). Add it up, that's 30 minutes a day I get to visit with him.
2. We will move into the house starting the weekend of March 14. At this point, I don't care if I have to work after work every night for the next two weeks, it's going to happen. I'm tired of not getting to relish in all of our hard work. I'll take some new pictures this weekend (if I can find my camera batter charger) and post them next week. It's coming along so well! But now we're down to the nitty gritty and I just want to move.
3. Tank I think is starting to really punish us for leaving him so much. I went to Arab with J last night for a city basketball tournament so we could FINALLY spend some time together. Well, we got home around 9:30 and I look through the window as I'm opening the door and he has taken our every single one of the leftover 'Bama and AU shakers from the wedding out of the pot we keep them in and has proceeded to shred all of them all over the downstairs. I'm talking millions of pieces of shaker strewn throughout. So that was fun.

That's pretty much the excitement of our lives right now. Pretty cool, huh? It's about to get crazy in a matter of two weeks so I'll try to keep everyone abreast with all of our fun to be had! We are hosting a shower for one of my dearest friends (and former roommate), Margaret, in Birmingham on March 20th and we're so excited to get to do this for her! She was one of my bridesmaids in our wedding and caught by bouquet - so fitting that she's the next of my besties to get married! : ) Then, April 17-19 I have Margaret's Bachelorette weekend at Lake Martin (YEA!!!) on Friday night and then that Saturday, we're going to Montgomery for one of my good friends from college, Trey's, wedding. But the BEST part of that weekend is my best friend, Lindsay Ann, who works as a designer for Brooks Brothers in NYC is coming that Thursday night before so we get to spend a whole weekend together!!!!!!!!! J's pumped about a 3.5 hour car ride one-way to the 'gump with two best friends who haven't seen each other since August. : ) Then May 2nd is Margaret's wedding (which I'm in) in Birmingham and I can't WAIT to be a part of her big day with her! Busy spring but we're so excited. Stay tuned...


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stress levels through the roof...

OK, so I think my stress levels are going through the roof. I've been having for about a week now a constant "pressure" feeling in my upper abdomen just below my sternum. I can't decide if it's just stress or something more serious. Either way, I don't really like doctors so I'm avoiding going, much to Jarren's dismay. Poor guy...he doesn't understand that in my family, we don't go to the doctor unless vital organs are hanging out of our bodies. And even then, it's a stretch and we won't go by ambulance. And to top it all off, this afternoon, this random sharp, pinging pain developed in my neck where my jaw and ear sort of touch. OMG...I sound like a hypochondriac. NOT GOOD!!! : ) To everyone who reads - please say a prayer that it's just stress and I'll calm down. Stress is equated to the house that will never be finished and we won't be ready to move in until it's time to totally redecorate for a baby. Exaggeration, of course.

As I've learned with contractors/construction workers, whatever date they give you for when they'll be done with something, add about a week. Our bathrooms are supposedly going to be done this Monday the 16. From there, it's a countdown...trying to be moving in by March 6th so we'll have 17 days to finish. And 13 of those days are weekdays. Thank goodness my mom will be here the WHOLE WEEK of the 16 - 22 of February. God bless her!

I'm just ready for it all to be done and we have our wonderful friends and family over to visit! Please come...you'll have a GREAT new bathroom to use!

Here's a picture of our master bathroom during the demolition phase, then with the new walls and vanity that is the same angle as the first picture(the bathtub that will be tiled is on the other side of the wall across from the vanity...you can't really see it in the pictures). Also a close-up of our pretty new tile in there!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And yet it's a Tuesday...

I hate Tuesdays. Such a waste. Monday is great because of GREAT TV (The Bachelor AND The City and soon...Dancing with the Stars!!!). Wednesday is Hump day. Thursday is Grey's Anatomy and "almost the weekend day". And Friday is just plain fun! But Tuesday? Tuesday has nothing to offer me.
The workers are SUPPOSEDLY finishing my bathrooms today. HOORAY!!! For those who don't know, Jarren and I randomly decided to remove the wall in between the two tiny bathrooms in the new house and create one big 90-square-foot master bathroom. At that point, we decided if were gonna do it, we might as well do it right. So we added a bathtub/shower and tiled up the walls, got a 60" double sink vanity with Corian countertop and did custom lighting. I'm planning on spending lots of time in there simply to soak up the hard work put into it...and the money. The second bathroom was completely created out of a wasted closet/hallway space and turned out to be a good size - about 50 square feet. I'll try to post pictures of it tomorrow after I take some today.

Is it sad that all I can blog about right now is the house? Probably so...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday is WAY better than a Tuesday!

Thank goodness it's Friday and I mean that will ALL seriousness. It's been a busy week for both of us and we're looking forward to yet another weekend of working in the house and of course, a long list of things to accomplish. Here's a picture of our beautiful, 5" plank hand-scraped distressed hardwoods in the den. I love them...

I have to give a big, fat ROLL TIDE ROLL on the Alabama Crimson Tide's recruiting class yet again this year. And I have to say that I LOVE that all six of the state of Alabama's top recruits all committed to 'Bama. ROLL TIDE ROLL again!!!

I've (E) started working on our taxes and we're wishing...hoping...praying...for a great refund! We need it and anyone who has been in the new house and seen the original 1960's light fixtures we have knows how bad we need a good refund. But you know, when I think about it, we get so excited about tax refunds on stimulus packages when in reality, all it is is the government giving us BACK what was already OURS. HELLO?!?! I guess that just proves why I'm a Republican...I don't believe in big government taking everything over the taxing the poo out of us. And I believe this because I have a job.

Funny story about Tank last night... So, he has a very nice doggy bed that is all his own. He loves it and sleeps the whole night in it and it's wonderful. Well, we've had a bit of a cold snap in Huntsville as of late and I think the doggy bed on the floor has been just too cold for my little Tanker. For the past week, he has jumped into the bed right at bed time with Jarren and I and proceeded to crawl under the covers and sleep at my feet the whole night. Which is fine with me for a few days since it has been so cold. Well, last night, he decided to bring his red rubber ball (all references to the Beatles aside) into bed with him. So not only is there a fuzzy dog at my feet with a cold wet nose, now there's a slimy ball down there, too. Gross. But then he proceeds at random intervals throughout the night to chew on and squeak the said rubber ball. So I didn't sleep all night and spoiled rotten Tank slept like a baby at my feet...with his ball. SPOILED ROTTEN DOG. I don't how he got that way... : ) Picture of him under the bed looking oh so pitiful...it's all an act..

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally getting this Blog thing down...

OK, I'm getting this blog thing down - I even got a background! And today my goal is to actually send this link out to people so it's not just me reading my own blog. Geeze, I've GOT to get with it. In just a bit, I'm going to meet Connie, my mother-in-law for those who don't know names yet, at a lighting store to get a few lights for the new house. I PROMISE, construction pictures to come! In the meantime, here's my favorite picture of J and I from the wedding. I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since that day...wonderful memories...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Come into our Webb...

So it's my first official post! I'm excited to set this up to keep our friends and family who we don't always get to see (mostly because they live far away...). It's a crazy time for us with the house renovations...yes, total renovation going on. I'll be sure to post lots of pictures of the progress as we go along because I know it will be fun to see. Right now that consumes all our time, but there's always a good story that comes out of working in every weekend. Like the day we closed on it (New Year's Eve) and Tank deciding he would declare the property his by leaving a poop the size of Milwaukee in the living room. That dog hasn't relieved himself in the house in over 18 months. So glad we decided to pull up the carpet. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get a chance!!!