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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Come into our Webb...

I know, I know...don't tell me.  I haven't posted in ages.  And I'm sorry about that.  But work has gotten so much more busy than it had been over the summer (in a good way - I LOVE being busy at work).  So I apologize, but that's my excuse...  By the way...I'm writing this post on Monday evening and having it post Tuesday morning.  If you are that curious as to why my posts are pre-written and then scheduled, you can email me...there's a method to it (it helps my blog be more "searchable" on places like Google).

So I know the title of my post references what the name of this blog USED to be.  But Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and October is by far my favorite month of the whole year, so I had to give the blog a little temporary face lift for Halloween and October!  You like?

Speaking of liking...how about my Alabama Crimson Tide?  If you're reading this and don't know me, I am a HUGE Alabama fan...have been my whole life.  I'm a fourth generation Bama graduate, my parents met there and were married there and I was (almost) born there.  In fact, my first words were "Shooey Shooey Auburn" and for YEARS I honestly thought Auburn fans smelled bad.  Probably until I was 12 or something.  So it's fitting I married an Auburn fan, right?  Yeah, that's what I thought...  So I'm THRILLED with how well they are doing!  ROLL TIDE!  :)

So now onto the whole point of this blog...
I have had a hard time the past few weeks and have gone up and down, up and down.  Hopefully we're on a more permanent down slide now...
I'm still sitting at 28 pounds lost total, which I am so proud of!  It's been a lot of hard work, especially with tailgating and such, but I'm trying to make it last for a lifetime this time.  Speaking of Lifetime on Weight Watchers...I'm 3 pounds away!  3!!!!!!  I need all the motivation I can get for a big push these next few weeks.  I want to hit that Lifetime weight by my Great-Grandmother's 100th Birthday Party on October 30th and am determined to hit it!

Look for coming up posts this week including:
Tailgate food options that are still DELISH!
My favorite Fall TV Shows and the healthy snacks that go great with watching them!
Pictures of my Halloween decorations since I LOVE Halloween! (I'll make this post relevant by talking about trades you can make and still enjoy a little bit of Halloween candy)

I leave you with a joke...
Why are witches so unsatisfied with their husbands?

Because they have "Hallow-Weenies"!!!!!!!!
Dirty, yes, but I get tickled every...single...time...