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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello out there???

Guess what happened when I abandoned my little blog here?
I gained my weight back.
How much you ask?
All of it.  Plus 1 pound.

As far as I can tell, it happened because I left the blog world, thinking I had attained my goal weight, was looking pretty great, and was just overall happy in life.  Know what happens when you're happy?  You eat.  A lot.  Then you get unhappy because you went back into a size you swore you would NEVER go back to.

Then you have routine blood work done and realize your cholesterol is at a scary level.  WAKE UP CALL!!!

So I'm back to blogging, off Weight Watchers, and onto a new plan.  I'm using the My Fitness Pal free app so I can use it on my iPhone and on my iMac at work.

So far, I've lost 4.8 pounds in about a week.  I'm sure that's just the "shock the system" loss.  When starting most plans, most people lose 5-8 pounds in the first two weeks. 

But it's easy to track and it is keeping me in control of what I eat.  My goal is low calorie (obviously, since it limits me to 1,200 a day), low fat, high in whole grain.  This should get the ole lipids where they need to be.

So I'm back and plan to be better than ever!

First goal:  10 pounds off by June 30th.

Let the journey begin (again...for the third time...)!!!

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  1. I love you friend and I am here to help and support you in every way I can from 1200 miles away :) I fell off the wagon too, but slowly but surely I am getting back on it and I know you can too.